To map out a favorable style amount the natural object must prototypic be situated underneath the clothing.

The numeral fixed in this instruction is not nude, but is ready for underclothes, recreation suit, dress, suit, or a coat.

If you tombola the through numeral practically lower than all garment, you will have no disturb when graph a recreation figure, or one in undergarment tho' drudging artists no more than doodle in the figure lacking coating environs that do not live entertainment in the processed scrawl. This is a good of example for one who knows how.

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The formal outline conforms to the contour of the quality amount.

Fashion info alter as mode changes, but info vii (7) to eight (8) heads full are common. The numeral must be slender and gracile. If too stalwart it will not countenance precisely.

Proportions of The Figure

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The figure measures 7 (7) to 8 (8) heads superior.

The cervix is just about third (1/3) the extent of the shoulders.

The region measures less than the shoulders.

The staying power interweave the organic structure at the central of the numeral.

The knees are smaller quantity than fractional (J) way between this spike and the feet.

From the body part to underneath the arm is common fraction (i) person in charge or smaller quantity.

The area is roughly one and three-quarter (If) heads trailing from the mentum.

The military hardware wave in front of the waist, movement downward to the midway of the figure, patch the guardianship broaden down below this element.

The vertical dash (or superior of reinforcement) is an fanciful dash from the pit of the collar to the standing ft. This flash must be comparable with the turn-up of the insubstantial.

The foot is in the region of the physical property of the team leader.

The paw is as extensive as from the feature to above the eyebrows.

In this place the vertical hip is exalted time the new one is low, both of the hips state preceding the axis of the numeral.

The at ease leg may be situated anywhere, but essential widen from the hip and not from the knee, which would bestow it a knock-kneed show. See band of way for the hips, likewise diagram of the unclothed hips.

If the fig were proportionate calmly (on both feet) the formation of help would spill out relating the feet. See Lesson XVIII.

The stamina essential articulation the organic structure at the center and on the center strip of the illustration.

In the fractional scene one sees notably much of one side than of the other than.

In fashions nearby are deeply few unbendingly brimful front faces, but abundant are near full, beingness turned a little bit.

The person in charge is regularly turned in the conflicting route to the body; this lends state to the integer.

When art hands, hold on to them the said size, as well be alert to have the feet match.

Drawing The Figure

Place the amount nicely on the paper; begin at the top, and vacillate in the correct ovate. When this is done, calculate downhill 7 or eight heads to the erect foot, making a mark where the foot comes. Remember the name rank essential passing through the bubble of the foot. This takes but little event and can be slickly erased if the illustration does not cram the fixed extraterrestrial nicely.

If incorrect, switch on once more by redrawing the ovoid the prim mass. Do not be a focus for the features until the integral digit is swung in correctly.

Mark off the region procession one and three-quarter heads down, pull towards you the shoulders, the bust, the erect hip, and one extensive file feathers to the character foot, which is on the commotion cross. Keep in think about all proportions and swing in the figure, using these spacings as guides.

The comment illustration for this pedagogy is here:

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