Welcome to all the new readers. Each Insight is antithetical and matchless in its own way as we are novel emanations of God.

Proudly and Sincerely I Love You present and unremarkable. Have a Wonderful day!
Tools for life

What Value does vivacity have for us?

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Wow, Oohhhhh! This is a insightful questioning even as it is graceful done my consciousness Right Now.

What Value does duration have for us?
How substantially do we Value ourselves and others?

Wow, Oohhhhh! This is deep!

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How such do I Value myself?

How substantially do I Value others?

How is enthusiasm Valuing me? Or lurk a infinitesimal does duration Value me?

In some other words, is the Universe responding to my own self worth?

Wow, Oohhhhh! These questions are channel up a lot of idea we may have!
So, What do I genuinely efficacy in my life?
Am I waking up to this question, Just Now?

Do I Value Life?

Do I Value my Family?

Do I Value Love?

Do I Value my Health?

Do I Value my Career?

Do I Value my Spirituality?

Do I Value my Abilities and Talents?

Do I Value my Friends?

Do I Value my Teachers?

Do I Value my Students?

Do I Value my Colleagues?

Do I Value my Money?

Do I Value Inner peace and Joy?

Do I Value all of my Assets?

Do I Value Parties?

Do I Value my Cars?

Do I Value my Clothes?

Do I Value Beauty?

Do I Value Freedom?

Do I Value my Presence?

Do I Value God, Universe, Spirit, Soul, Light, Oneness, Unity, Humanity and..........................

What is it that I Value in my life?

When I am sad, private or de-pressed, Can I rearrangement my state of mind to what I Value and be reminded of all the Wonderful property in me and out in that that are untaken for me?

With these questions, Am I much cognisant of what is really valuable in my life and peradventure I can relocate my Values to a more highly developed plane of Values?

I stir up all of us present to pinch instance and keep in touch descending the top 5 values are in our lives. What we efficacy most in our lives, we draw and undertake in our lives.

Let us for own Good single out Values that are outstandingly valuable for us in every way.







Easy to do, Easy to create, Easy to apparent.

Let us all keep hold of our notice on what is Truly of import in our lives. Let us do so with Love and Gratitude.

To close:

I esteem you for we are all one.

I be passionate about you for your moderation.

I high regard you for your self-realisation.

I friendliness you for when I evolve, then you create by mental act.

I care you for when you evolve, later I create by mental act.

I warmth you for when we evolve, past the full celestial body will create by mental act.

Please cognizance on the loose to share these insights next to admire and plus to repositioning the integral planet earth and build Oneness.

May the fondness and light of God and the Universe surround, secure and alleviate you, your white-haired ones and the heavenly body loam.

With Love, Gratitude and Respect,

Michelle Morovaty

With God All Things Are Possible

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