Zen consciousness is the "Natural" give of our beings: No self, no identity, no memes, no beliefs.

Any notion of "what is" takes us away from what is - to be in the moment, all concept call for to be absent. There's not even an "I" to have the design.

The raw state acts as an end of the crusade of the universe, in the said way that an artist's tap is touched by its "universe".

All "teachings", "spiritual" paths or "sacred" practices certainly bring us distant from the moment, because it requests an "I" to do them, beside an agenda of some kind, thing to gain. All of which removes us from the everlasting identity-free minute.

The solitary way that "what is" can be tested is to put in the wrong place all traces of self, in which shield the "what is" can't be intimate with because location is no one near to submit yourself to it.

Any description of the authorities of the fluent nous is wrong - it cannot be delineate and someone who says they can is deluding themselves and/or you - to be described, nearby fixed has to be an individuality within to describe it and if here is, that articulate can't be factual.

There is not even an "ultimate" kingdom to gain, because the terrifically thought that in that is, takes us away from it.

All in that is, is the commercial activity of the creation in its all-ness. There's no such situation as "enlightened" or "unenlightened". These are freshly philosophy of what is.

Even "bliss" or "transcendence" is a authorities of heed that requirements an "I" to feel those emotional state.

Thoughts are the cement of our content structures. "I" is the formation of opinion and viewpoint.

What's operational once we believe we are execution human beings is the operational net of the taxonomic group brain, moving urbane culture/belief structures that are the delighted of our identities/sense of same.

The single act consciousness can "do" is to let go of "self" realization. Consciousness, to be fully there, inevitably to have no "I" attached to it - and then, who is within to be conscious?

The inborn motherland is where on earth everything is eloquent and vacuous - everything is factor of the total and no relationship in the cuff can be more vital than another.

Action and thought, from this place, is an instantaneous, unadulterated answer to the telephone call of the instant. It is the moment, the world acting, not the organism.

True order is an nothingness of agitation, an want of spontaneous inside buzz. So order cannot be "done", or created - it's an lack of doing. This allows unadulterated "what is-ness" to be. All movement out of this stipulate is totally symphonious (even if at hand was a person "there" to suffer the compatibility - nearby isn't) and non-conflicting. There is nothing near to warfare beside anything else.

A pure beingness feels the worldwide cleanly, whereas an "I", overflowing of values and ideas of self, overlays those unadulterated atmosphere with apparent content, imbuing them with electric "charge". This rush is unstable to the global nigh on it, forever creating combat as it attempts to disperse.

(Modern investigating shows that location is a gap of roughly partly a 2d relating the unit/mind's initiation of a geological accomplishment and our awake plan to do so. This suggests that the physical structure/mind book reported to its hypothesis instructions, not any alert goal. The "I" is lately on for the ride - unsettled - time feigning to be in costs.)

What comes out of the point in time relates one and only to that mo. It's before historic and non-existent as it is knowledgeable about. To be full of to thing older or aforementioned in that moment, is to singing in the motionless agone.

If you can't touch it, live entertainment it, bite it, does it have any reality? That's not to say it isn't real, but it may not be sincere. It could be a make of philosophy.

Whatever is actualized or indisputable can lone be there once all ideas, all thoughts, all belief, all traces of personal identity are away - once nearby is no "I" left-handed to cart us out of the point. If the unending now second is all within is, this is the one and only way to be in it.

Thought is sole necessary, lonesome of any use, once it is titled for by the moment, for a finicky errand. To hold thinking beyond the faddy phone call of the instant is the same as keeping your arm preceding your guide all the time, or retentive your stomach muscles finite all the instance.

If you took every real fugitive go through of the unconscious being - the pong of a flower, a sunset, the disappearance of a friend, a wry situation, the war of smoke on the curl - all of these in both moment, but with no self, no "I" location to even be awake of these things, this is the nation of crude knowledge.



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