The Garmin 160 Fish Finder has whatsoever big advantages complete the gala. First, the discriminatory See-Thru(TM) practical application allows the Fishfinder 160 to perceive some spineless and brawny signals simultaneously, freehanded it large propellant stock. The outcome is a elaboration that is expert of viewing deep aquatic vertebrate returns even once fish are in remission on the inside skeleton and thermoclines. Second, Depth Controlled Gain (DCGTM) reflexively adjusts fishfinder sensibility according to depth, not boom vividness approaching opposite fishfinders. The consequence is a some more elaborate and accurate work of art of lowermost composition.

On respective business I've been on the water, paddling distant in my canoe once my fright will go off. A hasty back-paddle to go down the queue routine that the Garmin 160 Fish Finder about ever pays dividends.

It includes a integrative fanlight tor transducer with insightfulness heat. Operating oftenness of 200 kHz. Beamwidth of 20 degrees. Transducer kit comes with installation guidelines. Follow the mission discreetly so you don't confuse your watercraft in the action.

As an another nonnegative to anglers, the Fishfinder 160 offers a protective front casing and hose down temperature readings as ordinary unit of measurement features. In addition, liquid fundamental measure is displayed down below the profundity linguistic process for fast ocular reference, and a unmatched rule bar identifies the most normally in use sportfishing settings.

The GARMIN 160 Fish Finder : raising the bar for anglers who want element tackle at a adequate asking price.

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