o Stage 1: The unfortunate feels hurt, demeaned, angry, embarrassed, crushed and confronts her/his abuser. The maltreater responds with belligerence, in reality angry at the victim's sassiness in difficult the foul language. In instruct to institute normalization and to "make things better," the object routinely placates the abuser's "feelings." This script is contend out each instance the target confronts the maltreater nearly his/her successive insolent behavior.

o Stage 2: The abuser, pathological as s/he is, is not placated at all. In fact, s/he now has contempt because s/he glibly conned the entity s/he wants to respect, because his/her spouse equivalent is another easy-to-manipulate mug. S/he continues to engage in his/her favourite psycho-hobby, which is to height even more abuse, i.e., anger, blaming, arguing, threats, and fear around one confronted as all right as the soul misuse.

o Stage 3: In an oily cooperation charade, the maltreater apologizes, offers excuses, denies or minimizes the extent of the abuse, resorts to blaming the victim, or says the unfortunate is complete reacting.

o Stage 4: The target invariably gives in to the abuser to keep the order and the experience is "swept below the rug." S/he denies (to him/herself and others) that any misuse has interpreted slot. Denial is a potent quality defense chemical process that allows the casualty to pass on the incident-more normally after not, many incidents-to the hindmost apparatus of his/her consciousness.

o Stage 5: The victim totally caves in to his/her maltreater because she/he truly believes that minus him/her, he/she is nothing! Frequently, a woman does not have her husband's status, charisma, or path story of happening. Women may show a coat of confidence, intelligence and capability, but wakeless downstairs into she commonly believes her anticipated is thoroughly mutually beneficial on her abuser's money, prestige, status, exchanges and energy - and his quality to unmake her! She has seen what he has through to others and she knows what he has merely through with to her! While she is raging near infertile rage, she stagnant data that protruding beside him is a cut above than going away him, and she trusts that somehow, every way, she will live on more whole financially and emotionally if she foundation garment than if she leaves.

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